player, naturally hope that in the beta can have a few familiar partner.s. He is to believe that Chen Jingjing once with Wang Shizi is really PMI Certification aware of, for some reason, Xiao yan to determine the Chen Jingjing indeed with Wang Shizi that year to participate in the college entrance examination that the two are PMP it exam really the same year to participate in the college entrance examination. But Chen Jingjing is still a look of embarrassing look, hey, not all told you what I was with Wang Shizi before the college entrance examination to know, we live in the same bedroom for a few days, eat a few meals together But after graduation, he did give me a phone number, but I have never played ah This is not linked to many years, and his number must have changed for a long time I said fat ah, you have a good resource did not even contact, how do you let me say hello Xiao Yan look iron iron look. I can just blame me I just adapted to college life, it came out that the guy drums out of a super system, and then open the company s news, others so busy I am sorry to trouble all PMP the trouble to others Later, he mixed the better, I It is more bad to contact Besides, so many years ago, which I know this guy s company will do the game ah Chen Jingjing crying face Road. To be continued. 818 Chen Jingjing In fact, really want to say, so that Chen Jingjing had a learning top students so obsessed with the game real

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